Today Is The Day (Single)

by Funk Vigilante

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Today is the Day is a hip-hop/alternative/metal anthem celebrating the end of the world. The single includes the b-side "Tankman", a track that pays homage to the legend of the Tankman of Tienanmen square.


released October 20, 2012

Produced by David Fraelic and Ghosty Boy

Engineered, Mixed and Mastered
by David Fraelic at at Prodigal Sound Productions

Executive Producer: Joe Sunstrum

Lyrics and music by Ghosty Boy
Additional arrangement by Funk Vigilante, Dave Fraelic and Sean Herbert-walker.

Vocals: Ghosty
Drums: Judson Mackay
Bass: Nigel G. Strange
Keys/Samples: Matt Bass
Guitar: Josh Boudreau


all rights reserved



Funk Vigilante Victoria, British Columbia

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Track Name: Today Is The Day
Today Is The Day

Oh my god...

We're all gonna die!

It's the Apocalypse
Today is the day
And it's the last time
Before we're obliterated
No consequence
Better get down and pray
But the fact is it's time
For everybody to pay

And Armageddon has never been closer
And the end of everything is around the corner
Disorder is the atmosphere in disaster
Breaking store windows just to hear the glass shatter

No doubt about it
The end is nigh
And in my opinion it's about god damn time
For our stupid, selfish species to meets it's demise
Kill'em all!
Ain't nobody getting out alive

Bring the fire
Bring the atomic bomb
Bring the guns
Bring the floods
Bring it on
Bring me a tidal wave
So fucking tall it eclipses the sky
And engulfs us all
We're all gonna die!

And I've never been better
I can't wait
For our fate to eliminate us forever
So fuck your religion
Fuck your money
Yeah, go fuck yourself
Ain't nothing going to save you now

On your knees now
Repent and plead forgiveness
And pray
That you made your way off of gods shitlist
If not it's going to be Christmas
Way down south
Do not pass go
Just proceed directly to hell

It don't matter cause the matter at hand
Is these last hours and how they're going to be spent
You're never going to get another chance ever again
You better make the best of the inevitable end

So what are you going to do?
Be with the ones that you care about?
Or will you lose your mind
Go wild
And freak right out?

I'm going to steal myself a truck-load of whiskey
And raise all hell
Come on, who's coming with me?

Let's start a riot
Chaos in the street
Start the biggest fucking fire
The world's ever seen
And burn everything
Set it all alight

Alright, now I'm ready to die.
Track Name: Tankman
Tankman comes
and he puts his hand up
Just one man not afraid to stand up

Everybody wants to be famous
Tankman is faceless
and nameless

And it seems like the walls are indestructible
But no empire is too big
To fall

Just one man but he had a camera
Tomorrow the world will look in the mirror
One man filming
A one man stand-off

It'll be a different world when we wake up

And the whole world stops
The whole world stops to see
What just one man without fear can be

And the whole world stops
Just to watch and see
That just one man
Just one man

Just one man can stand up to an army

Sound off

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